Vocal Music

Name of Work
Year and Duration
  • October (six songs on a poem of Louise Glück, for high soprano, oboe and piano) 2007
  • 5 Canzoni da Conant (five songs in Italian for soprano, flute, clarinet, violin, cello and piano) 2005
  • Vespers (for mezzo soprano, violin, vibraphone and double bass; poem by Louise Glück) 2005
  • The Living and The Dead (for tenor voice, oboe, bassoon, marimba, viola and cello, various poets) 2005
  • Notturno (in Italian, for soprano, alto flute and contrabass, Pavese) 2004
  • The Other (for bass baritone voice, viola and piano, derived from a text of Humberto Eco, sung in English) 2004
  • Tuszynska Songs (14 songs for voice and piano, sung in English) 2001
  • Fiori d’ombra, Canti di Montali (for tenor voice, oboe, percussion and tape) 2000
  • Il Mare (for viola and narrator) 2000
  • Shakespere Choruses 2000
  • Three Ignatow Songs (for baritone voice and piano) 1999
  • House of Days (twelve songs on poems of Jay Parini, for tenor and ten instruments) 1998
  • The Web of Myth (for soprano, clarinet in A, piano and tape, text derived by the composer) 1998
  • Maschere (four songs on Italian texts for mezzo soprano, flute, bass clarinet, electric guitar, viola and tape) 1998
  • Divertimento: A Faity Tale (for narrator and double bass, text by the composer) 1996
  • Four Songs of Time, Arbors And The Night (for tenor voice, flute, violin, cello and piano) 1996
  • A Fable (for baritone voice, cello and piano) 1994
  • Winter Morning (5 songs for soprano, horn and piano, Gluck) 1990
  • Five Mythological Songs (for soprano, flute and harp, on texts of Patricia Shinehouse)
  • But Trust in God (for a cappella chorus)
  • Reliquary (for tenor voice, oboe, horn, violin, cello, and harpsichord) 1987
  • Earth Songs (for tenor voice, horn and six solo strings) 1984
  • Borge Songs (for soprano voice, oboe, harp and percussion, sung in English) 1984