Name of Work
Year and Duration
  • Vortice (for flute, violin and piano) 2002
  • Trio Concertante (for oboe, mallet percussion and double bass) 2001
  • Fantasia a Tre (for three gambi) 1999
  • Kvell (Birthday Music for Dylan) (for flute, clarinet in A and double bass) 1997
  • Brass Trio (for trumpet, horn and trombone) 1995
  • Fantasy Trio (oboe, bassoon and piano) 1994
  • Horn Trio (for horn, violin and piano) 1992
  • Fantasia Santa Maria Amar (for clarinet, violin and double bass) 1991
  • Audite Nova (for viola, cello and piano) 1988
  • Gli Altri Racconti (for clarinet, viola and piano) 1987
  • En trouvant les Tombeaux (for tenor sax, horn and double bass ) 1985
  • Elegy (for flute, cello and piano) 1979