Mixed Quartes & Quintets

Name of Work
Year and Duration
  • Eppure (for piano and wind quartet) 2006
  • Quintet for Bassoon, Harp and String Trio 2005
  • Epistasis, Per Elena (for oboe, bassoon, viola and double bass) 2003
  • Into the Underground (for bass clarinet and string quartet) 2002
  • Continuita for Five Instruments (for flute, clarinet/bass clr., bassoon, percussion and double bass) 2001
  • Gridot (for mixed ensemble: oboe, soprano (alto) sax, trombone and double bass) 2000
  • Piano Quartet 2000
  • Tre Umori per cinque strumenti (for flute, oboe, clarinet, horn and double bass 1998
  • Sol LA Si (for trombone, oboe, marimba, viola and violoncello) 1993
  • Sonata for Strings (for violin, viola, cello and bass) 1993
  • Quartet for Clarinet and Strings 1991
  • Lassus: In Memorium (for oboe/english horn, soprano/alto sax, trombone and double bass) 1989
  • Commedia (for flute, alto sax, trombone, percussion and double bass) 1983
  • Divertimento (for soprano sax-doubling bass clarinet, horn, percussion, violin, and double bass) 1983