Ls19 autodrive herunterladen

I have created a few how to Videos on how to use autodrive including how to save courses . If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. ???? ??????. ???? ?????????? ??????? ?? ?????? ???? ????????? : Does anyone know if this mod is compatible with MP dedi servers? If you like our work, feel free to buy us a coffee (of which we drink quite a lot 😀 ) For now, there is no general link for the team, so each contributer can post his/her preferred donation link here 🙂 But remember, this is absolutely not required. We value any issues and feature requests the same! And to all who do donate: Thank you very much 🙂 How to remove all/reset routes (not deleteing one node at the time) F:ed up alot of roads learning to use the mod ^^ Have two way routes been removed? Can’t seem to get them in the new interface. ???????, ??? ???????, ??? ?? ??????? ?? ?????????? ????? ?????? ?????? ????? ? ?????, ??? ??????????? ?????? ???, ?? ??? ?? ???? ?????? ???! Hallo, habe mir diesen Mod herunter Geladen, in den Mods Ordner gepackt, kann den jedoch nicht verwenden. Kann mir jemand behilflich sein, damit ich diesen Mod benutzen kann? LG If you want to support my development effort, the best way is to open issues on any bugs you encounter or for features you would like to be added to the mod. Modell: Textur: Script: Idee / Konzept: Tester: Sonstige: Schade das man gefühlt nirgends etwas platzieren… Ah… it is middle mouse click on the record button. . Vielen Dank für die Kurse.

Wird eine AD Version… This new interface in not good it lot hard then the old,there no sync after making course, C:/Users/Casa/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2019/mods/FS19_AutoDrive/scripts/Utils/TrailerUtil.lua:511: attempt to call method ‘getIsActivatable’ (a nil value) Lol, all your comment says is that you didn’t bother to read documentation, watch tutorial or even try to figure out anything yourself. This mod can be used to create a network of routes for vehicles to drive autonomously. Once setup you can tell a tractor which is standing anywhere close to the network to drive to any point, such as the shop, field 1 or to a sell point. Xml gepackt als Zip, ich bitte vielmals um Entschuldigung! The mod was working perfectly for me and all of a sudden the AD menu stopped appearing when I went to play on start from scratch difficulty.